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Conditioning For Football

Conditioning for Football

MiMentor experts Mark Armitage and Nick Harvey lead you through six modules in our course focus on football fitness, great for pre-season and during the campaign. 

Fuelling For Performance

Fuelling For Performance

Sports Nutritionist Jennie Carter gives you an insight into the importance of nutrition for performance to help your team and players prepare for training and games.

Building an Elite Culture

Building an elite culture for athletic development

Our Global Performance Mentor Grant Downie explores the importance of creating an elite environment to support the athletic development of your players. 

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MiMentor white label platform for employee wellbeing consultancy start-up Outliers Wellbeing

DIGITAL sports coaching and learning platform MiMentor have announced a new client will be white labelling their learning platform in the shape of employee wellbeing consultancy Outliers Wellbeing. Outliers Wellbeing are a fresh-faced business, founded in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic by Matthew Lock and Gavin Eivers with the aim to create a wellbeing…

Shaun Wright-Phillips on Elite Coaching

As a player who experienced coaching of the highest level, I know what a difference elite level knowledge can make, which is why I and the rest of MiMentor are so excited to be able to share our Conditioning for Football  course with the rest of you. The course is created by Nick Harvey and…

A message from Shaun Wright-Phillips

  The last few months have been an extremely exciting time for me working closely with MiMentor. Loads of great content is available on the platform during what has been a crucial period for football coaches, during lockdown. And there’s even more new courses soon to be released. Even through the peak of lockdown, we…