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Conditioning For Football

Conditioning for Football

MiMentor experts Mark Armitage and Nick Harvey lead you through six modules in our course focus on football fitness, great for pre-season and during the campaign. 

Fuelling For Performance

Fuelling For Performance

Sports Nutritionist Jennie Carter gives you an insight into the importance of nutrition for performance to help your team and players prepare for training and games.

Building an Elite Culture

Building an elite culture for athletic development

Our Global Performance Mentor Grant Downie explores the importance of creating an elite environment to support the athletic development of your players. 

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MiMentor announce exciting partnership with Beyond Pulse

MiMentor, the digital sports coaching and learning platform, are proud to announce yet another electrifying new partnership, this time with Beyond Pulse. Beyond Pulse, based in Portland, USA, create and pioneer in wearable monitoring technology that inspires and educates football (soccer) coaches in their pursuit of becoming the best possible leader for their players. This…

Being a health practitioner from a distance

The physical restraints of the Covid-19 pandemic has added difficulty for health practitioners and players, and face to face contact with a member of your organisation is almost a distant memory. Without having the power of your presence how can a nutritionist or strength and conditioning coach expect to get the best out of a…

Grant Downie - MiMentor Coaching Ambassador

MiMentor April Webinar – Learning away from the training ground

Times are changing in the world of coaching, and it’s times like these that make you realise the importance of finding different ways of training, not just on the training ground. Covid-19 has forced clubs and individuals to train via group calls and webinars with their squads, and work on stuff independently whilst at home….