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Conditioning For Football

Conditioning for Football

MiMentor experts Mark Armitage and Nick Harvey lead you through six modules in our course focus on football fitness, great for pre-season and during the campaign. 

Fuelling For Performance

Fuelling For Performance

Sports Nutritionist Jennie Carter gives you an insight into the importance of nutrition for performance to help your team and players prepare for training and games.

Building an Elite Culture

Building an elite culture for athletic development

Our Global Performance Mentor Grant Downie explores the importance of creating an elite environment to support the athletic development of your players. 

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Building a complete Pre-season Plan

START as you mean to go on, or hit the ground running, are phrases you hear echoed around the football and sporting world, but to ensure your team does that, you have to nail your pre-season. Here at MiMentor, the term we coin in relation to pre-season training is: “Begin with the end in mind”,…

MiMentor: Conditioning For Football Course

ACCESS to elite-level fitness and conditioning knowledge. Specifically for football. Directly from former Premier League coaches with over 30 years combined experience. For £20 per course or £90 for the Conditioning Bundle. This is how and why you should take a look at MiMentor’s Conditioning For Football course Conditioning For Football course  and use it…

MiMentor Pre-season Guide: Focusing on fitness in the CORRECT way

Pre-season  isn’t just about getting your team fit in time for the season, but about working towards your sides end goal from the very beginning. But of course, the off-season is a very long time, and for many teams this year, will have been one of the longest periods off the pitch they’ve ever experienced,…