MiMentor April Webinar – Analysing mindset

MINDSET. We’ve all heard this term a thousand times over, especially in the wold of sport, but what truly is the perfect, archetypal mindset for an athlete or coach?

During MiMentor’s latest live webinar, our Psychology Performance Mentor Philippa McGregor delves deep into this topic and gives her advice on working on mindset for players, coaches and performance staff.

Philippa has over ten years’ experience of providing psychological support to top sports teams, starting her career at Fulham FC, before joining Manchester City and most result The English Football Association, providing performance and wellbeing support services.

During the webinar, Philippa explores the idea of every individual having their own natural mindset preferences. Some people may be hardwired and take more risks, or some people may naturally have less ambition and so on.

Philippa said: “We all have a preference that naturally we sit in, in terms of our mindset”

From her work in performance psychology she believes the key is self-analysis and being able to identify what your natural mindset preferences ere. From there you can identify what you need to work on and what might need to change.

Philippa said: “You need to be able to notice and understand when your natural mindset preferences may no longer be useful or helpful”

Coaches, players, and performance staff alike all suddenly find themselves dropped into a very alien environment due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It makes it harder for players and coaches to hit the pitch or even get outside and work on technical skills, but that makes it the perfect time to work on things such as mindset.

During the team environment and pack culture of a sports club, everyone will be on a very similar wavelength in terms of goals and ambition, so this period of self-isolation provides the perfect opportunity for self-analysis.

If you want to find out some of Philippa’s methods and techniques of working on players mindsets, as well as the rest of the MiMentor team’s expert advice and knowledge on the topic, then gain access to the full webinar here.