MiMentor April Webinar – Learning away from the training ground

Times are changing in the world of coaching, and it’s times like these that make you realise the importance of finding different ways of training, not just on the training ground.

Covid-19 has forced clubs and individuals to train via group calls and webinars with their squads, and work on stuff independently whilst at home.

But why is it a global pandemic forcing such behaviour, why can’t clubs operate in such a manner when things are back to normal, alongside typical training?

Well, the answer is they can and a platform such as MiMentor is designed for exactly that.

In our most recent online webinar, mentor Grant Downie explains the importance of being able to learn and improve in different ways, away from the pitch.

Downie said: “This pandemic allows people to reflect on how they can learn”

Downie is an elite sports physiotherapist/leader and has over 33 years’ experience with his own business offering medical and performance solutions and has worked in clinical leadership roles for the FA, Glasgow Rangers, Middlesbrough FC and Manchester City for the men, ladies and academy.

He is currently working with Hamilton Academical in Scotland as a ‘critical friend’ and tells the story in the webinar about how he’s helped them take a step in the right direction.

As a team who find themselves bottom of the Scottish Premier League and hire four full time performance staff with little money available for CPD, relegation would mean cuts would have to be made.

Downie has worked on getting Hamilton Academical to follow the curve rather than bury their heads in the sand, realising how they can reach out to the world through social media and platforms such as MiMentor during these challenging times.

To find out just how he’s achieved this and hear from all six of our expert mentor’s share their knowledge and expertise check out our most recent hour long Meet The Mentors webinar.