Blog: The importance of adapting for relationships

Philippa McGregor

As a coach or member of performance staff in an organisation, relationships are everything. But personalities, compatibility, and circumstances aren’t always idealistic.

You need to be able to adapt and build relationships on an individual basis, not just have one approach for all athletes.

There is no one size fits all approach to developing relationships with players, as Phillipa McGregor discusses in the latest MiMentor webinar blog.

Philippa said: “you are going to come across a range of different individuals with a range of different communication styles in terms of how they communicate with you, and a range of different preferences in how they work”

Philippa’s ten years as a performance psychology practitioner at the top level working with Fulham and Manchester City Football clubs, the Welsh national Lacrosse team and most recently The Women’s U17 England squad has made her realise just how to deal with the wealth of different personalities and player communication styles you come across in applied practice.

Philippa said: “I’ve come to learn that you need to be able to adapt to effectively build good relationships and establish yourself as an effective practitioner in that environment.

Maybe your current role is in a sport that you don’t live and breathe or follow personally, and may feel a level of scrutiny from other members of the organization for not being engulfed in the culture’

Again, when feeling alienated or out of touch relationship wise, take action and adapt. MiMentor’s Sarah McQuade also discusses in this webinar how she adapts her approach to help build relationships.

Sarah said: “Wherever you possibly can, work to flatten any perceived hierarchy that might exist, to help the relationship.”

“One of the first events I did in the United States was with American Football, men everywhere, and they looked at me and I was convinced they thought I was doing the teas and coffees. So, I didn’t disappoint, I served teas and coffees, and it was the very best thing I could have done to help connect with every individual within that room.”

To find out more information on how to build your relationship skills and ability to adapt, watch the Full MiMentor webinar 2 for free!

You can also learn more on our Art of Effective Communication Course. In this course, our Coach Development Mentor Sarah McQuade and Global Coaching Mentor Ben Garner look at different methods of communicating with football players. Find out more here.