MiMentor: Conditioning For Football Course

ACCESS to elite-level fitness and conditioning knowledge. Specifically for football. Directly from former Premier League coaches with over 30 years combined experience. For £20 per course or £90 for the Conditioning Bundle.

This is how and why you should take a look at MiMentor’s Conditioning For Football course Conditioning For Football course  and use it to help take your side to the next level.

No matter what the level of your side is, this course can help your team and situation, giving tips and advice that caters to ALL age groups and ability levels.

Course creator Mark Armitage has spent over 12 years in professional football working as a strength and conditioning coach and has coached to all ages whether it be foundation players at Norwich, the under 23’s at Arsenal or the Huddersfield Town first team.

Mark said: “We want to give you the knowledge to apply in your own environment, whether you work at grassroots, semi-professional or professional level.”

Fellow course creator Nick Harvey boasts two decades of experience in the game, acting as a fitness coach for the Southampton academy before moving on to the Saints first team for seven years.

Nick said: “This is a good opportunity to share some of the insights we have gained during our time in the game and give coaches some practical ideas on how they can apply that knowledge into their practices.”

The MiMentor conditioning course was constructed by Mark Armitage and Nick Harvey and is split into six different modules:

Structure and Philosophies, Stamina, Strength, Stopping, Starting and finally, Sprinting.

Maybe your side is lacking that little bit extra in the tank for those long-fought battles and need to take a look at the Stamina course.

It could be your sides first season in an adult division, and you’re worried about the gulf in physicality. If so, take a dive into the Strength course.

Or maybe Klopp’s Liverpool side has inspired you to adopt an intense pressing style of play, so the Stopping and Starting modules could gear your players up for such a system.

There’s something in this course for everyone, that could help any team or individual.

Whether you feel like your team needs the full works or just needs help with one or two areas, it doesn’t matter, with each module being sold separately at a cost of £20, or you can purchase the full package for £90. Take advantage of the 30% discount for August using the code ‘CONDITIONING30’.

For more information on the Conditioning for Football course, as well as more information on each individual module check out the Conditioning For Football course breakdown Conditioning For Football course breakdown. Please note, to access our portal you first need to register, but registration is completely free.