Building a complete Pre-season Plan

START as you mean to go on, or hit the ground running, are phrases you hear echoed around the football and sporting world, but to ensure your team does that, you have to nail your pre-season.

Here at MiMentor, the term we coin in relation to pre-season training is: “Begin with the end in mind”, said by Daniel Covey, author of ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’. (2006)

This means you need to begin each day, task, or project with a clear vision of your desired direction and destination. And this perfectly applies to the pre-season period.

As we state in our brand new free to download PDF file ‘Planning an integrated pre-season Programme’, the first step to creating a pre-season plan is to work out the end goal of how you want your team to play.

It’s important to realise that the pre-season period is not just a window of time for fitness training, but an essential spell to lay the foundations and DNA of your playing style.

Otherwise, you could be neglecting the technical, tactical, and social/psychological aspects of your team which are three key components of the ‘Four Corner Model’, a well-established model in the football world, and could be setting your team up for failure.

The best way to ensure you’re working on and addressing every aspect of your team, and make sure you’re constantly working towards the end goal, is to ‘train how you play’.

So the key question to ask yourself and your fellow coaches is ‘How do we want to play’? e.g. High-press or low block? Possession based or more direct and play in the oppositions half?’

These are key questions to ensure you can prepare you pre-season schedule successfully by adopting the method ‘Performance Backwards Approach (Specificity)’. Nick Harvey explains more in the short video clip below from our recent webinar ‘Ask the Mentors’.

The webinar is packed full of insights and useful suggestions to support your players regardless of the ability, age or gender. Mark and Nick share knowledge and practical examples of how to support each player to maximise their and your teams potential.

If you’re interested in creating the perfect integrated pre-season programme for your football team, no matter what level you may be, then you can head to the MiMentor portal and download the FREE PDF guide.