Black Friday Offer: 12 Month’s Access to MiMentor Platform for £40

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For a limited time only, we’re offering coaches one year’s full access to the MiMentor Platform and all our football coaching CPD courses, content and webinars for just £40…

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We currently have a wide array of courses, created by our experts from across the elite level of football, and have even more exciting content coming soon.


🔷 Conditioning For Football
🔷 Fuelling For Performance
🔷 Building an Elite Culture
🔷 Getting Better at Getting Better
🔷 Coaching Emotional Development
🔷 The Art of Effective Communication
🔷 Coaches Toolbox: Plan, Prepare and Review
🔷 Maximising Intensity (FREE)
🔷 Creating an Identity (FREE)


🔷 Decision Making In Football
🔷 Emotional Intelligence
🔷 Coach Mentoring
🔷 Mental Health Toolkit
and more…

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