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We often look at the great football players who may not be the quickest or strongest physically, but have what appears to be a natural ability to do the right thing at the right time.

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During a game that is packed with variables and ever-changing pictures, these players are often one or two steps ahead, picking the right pass or making the perfect tackle.

But is it a natural ability, or can better decision-making and awareness be coached in players?

In our new course called ‘Decision-Making in Football’, which is coming soon to the MiMentor Platform, our experts look at the science behind decision-making and help coaches understand how they can develop players who are more aware of their surroundings and make better choices on the football pitch.

To support the new course, we’ve developed a FREE ebook that brings together a dozen football coaching practices to help improve your players’ decision-making and awareness.

The 12 practices cover different aspects of the game – attacking, defending and finishing – and consider the four-corner of player development with a focus on awareness and decision-making, whether in or out of possession.

These practices are aimed at youth and grassroots football players, but we’ve also offered ideas around progressions and adaptations that could suit different ages and abilities.

You can then use them individually within your coaching sessions to suit your outcomes, or join them together to form a full training sessions to focus on a particular area of your players’ and team’s development. Click the button below to get this great free tool for coaches…

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