As adults, we have all been through the period of adolescent development, but we can sometimes forget how challenging those years were for us.

The MiMentor ‘Coaching Emotional Development of a Youth Football Players’ module, with our Psychology Performance Mentor Philippa McGregor, will look at the integral role adults and coaches play in the development of young players’ emotional regulation capabilities.

From understanding what changes your players are currently going through, to learning about emotional development, this course will arm you with skills that will benefit our next generation of young footballers.

Suitable for any coaches, but particularly those involved in youth football, ‘Coaching Emotional Development of a Youth Football Players’ is perfect CPD for football coaches and will give you a deeper knowledge of sports psychology, enabling you to offer better all-round support to your players.

This module will explore the adolescent years of young players and help you to build greater awareness and understanding of the developmental changes occurring at this vital time.

The topics covered in this course will also provide you with strategies that you can use to help your young players during this important stage of their development.

Five Course Lessons

Six Audio Talks


CPD Certificate

01: Quiz

The course begins with a quiz, which acts as a warm-up for the lessons ahead and helps see where you are in your understanding of adolescents and the current changes that your players are going through.

02: The Adolescent Football Player

This module starts by taking you down ‘Memory Lane’, asking what you were like during adolescence. Philippa then helps you understand the developmental considerations that can be beneficial to coaches in guiding young people through the challenges of growing up.

03: The Transition Through Adolescence

In this lesson, Philippa looks at the sub-phases of early adolescence, mid-adolescence and late adolescence in relation to the psychological development of the cognitive, social and emotional brain.

04: Emotional Development

Philippa explores why young people experience a wide range of new emotions that can result in mood swings and how understanding the ‘thinking brain’ and ‘emotional brain’ can really aid the development of a player’s emotional regulation.

05: Things to Remember and Tips for Supporting Youth Players

Young people will require you to be the logical, rational one. In this final module, Philippa identifies some important tips that coaches can follow and learn from to support the development of adolescent players.

Philippa McGregor has been working in high performance sport providing psychological support for more than ten years.

Beginning with English Championship side Fulham, she helped build and develop the academy’s psychology support programme. Meanwhile, she also supported with the Welsh Women’s Lacrosse team ahead of their World Cup campaign in 2012.

Philippa went on to join the Manchester City academy developing the performance and player wellbeing support services, before moving onto City Football Group, supporting both Manchester City and Melbourne Football Club.

She has now set up her own private consultancy service, ‘Thrive2Perform’, working with companies such as Mindflick, The FA and FFC.

Philippa is proud to bring her own module, ‘Coaching Emotional Development of a Youth Football Player’ to the MiMentor platform.

“Every young person’s emotional development is different, it is shaped by their unique combinations of genes, brain development, environment and experiences with family, friends, community and culture,” she says.

“So, we should seek to better understand the young people we are working with.”

‘Coaching Emotional Development of a Youth Football Player’ will provide understanding and awareness of adolescent development and give those who take part in the course a better knowledge of psychology in the game.

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