Are you a coach keen to bring football fitness together with your technical and tactical work on the training pitch?

In the MiMentor Conditioning For Football course, our experts Mark Armitage and Nick Harvey take you through six in-depth modules focused on football fitness across a range of areas, including strength, sprinting and stamina. Our mentors will show you the ‘why’ and the ‘how’, allowing you to use your new-found knowledge to create sessions for your players, whether as a pre-season programme or during the campaign, that will enable you to improve their fitness, alongside other areas of technical and tactical development.

Whether you are coaching in the professional game, amateur or grassroots, football fitness is vital to help your players reach their potential, and for your team to be successful.

Our Conditioning For Football course can help coaches during the season or ahead of another gruelling campaign and will arm you with knowledge, insights and understanding of the fitness side of the game. You will learn to become a coach who can integrate the physical returns of your sessions into the technical and tactical work.

This course is about using the game as a starting point to develop fitness in a relevant, game-related way, by training how you play.

Six Modules

26 Topics

Learn In Your Own Time

CPD Certificate

01: Structure [START MODULE | £20]

The first module looks at building a solid foundation for your players’ fitness, through an integrated approach, using football-specific conditioning, and also an isolated approach, to develop certain physical qualities. It also provides you with a pre-season plan to help you get your players ready for the new season.

02: Stamina [START MODULE | £20]

Stamina is the ability for a player to continually perform the numerous physical challenges throughout a game. This module looks at the why and the how of developing the capacity of players with regards to volume and intensity of work.

03: Strength [START MODULE | £20]

Strength provides the foundations for a lot of the key physical qualities needed in today’s game. In this module we look at which strength training can improve football performance and also explore how strength can play an important role in reducing the risk of injury. We also provide a framework for your training structure as well as opening our video library of strength-specific drills and exercises.

04: Stopping [START MODULE | £20]

Decelerating and stopping effectively is so important in the modern game, particularly when pressing the opposition. This module is linked to our ‘Strength’ module where the ability to control force effectively is covered. We now look at applying those qualities in a match through various methods of training in the gym or on the training pitch.

05: Starting [START MODULE | £20]

Some of the most memorable moments in football are decided by a players’ ability to get out of the blocks quickly and cover short distances, rather than reach maximum speed over a longer distance. In this module we explore ways of developing acceleration qualities through isolated gym work and integrated training.

06 Sprinting [START MODULE | £20]

Sprinting and speed is becoming a highly-valued physical quality within the modern game. In this module we look at the importance of speed, how we can develop it and how we can link the work off the pitch, in training or the gym, into developing the performance of players in a match.

Mark Armitage

Mark has spent more that 12 years in professional football working as a strength and conditioning coach, initially with players in the foundation phase at Norwich City, before moving to Southampton’s U18s, then Arsenal’s U23s. His most recent role at club level was with Huddersfield Town’s first team.

Mark has also worked for the FA as a consultant with a range of age groups across the international teams. He is now a lecturer at the University of Suffolk.

“With our wealth of experience, we are going to put across some of our key philosophies, which are very much based around football fitness,” he said.

“We want to give you the knowledge to apply in your own environment, whether you work at grassroots, semi-professional or professional level.”

Nick Harvey

Football fitness coach Nick has more than 20 years’ experience in the game, starting off at the Southampton academy before spending seven seasons within the Saints’ first team set-up.

He went on to become head of sports science at Reading, and nowadays enjoys doubling up a role with the England national development teams at St Georges Park, as well as coach educator with the FA.

“This is a good opportunity to share some of the insights we have gained during our time in the game and give coaches some practical ideas on how they can apply that knowledge into their practices.”

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