Does your club have shared behaviours and philosophies focused on achieving objectives and goals together?

In the MiMentor Building an Elite Culture for Athletic Development module, our expert Grant Downie will look at the importance of ‘culture’ in any organisation, and specifically football. The right culture can help players and teams thrive, whether that’s at an elite professional, amateur or youth football club.

If you want to build a long-term approach and philosophy for your club or team that will help it develop and reach its targets or goals, then Grant Downie’s experiences from more the 30 years in elite sport will give you a helping hand.

This course covers four topics looking at where you are now and what you are doing, where you would like to get to, and what you need to do along your journey as a club. With Grant’s expertise and advice, you can begin to shape a culture within your club, and help players and staff understand and buy into it through good communication, which in turn can help everyone grow and achieve the success you crave.

Four Course Lessons

13 Audio Talks

Learn In Your Own Time

CPD Certificate

01: What is an Elite Culture?

Grant looks at how the behaviours and attitudes of people working together within an organisation can determine the success of reaching their shared goals and objectives.

02: A Clear Vision for an Elite Culture

Grant helps you consider your club’s ‘mission statement’, encouraging you to think about where you are now, your strengths and weaknesses, and what you want to achieve. This will help you to understand where you want to go as an organisation and begin to develop a ‘Performance Pathway’.

03: A Common Performance Language

Creating a common performance language, that everyone understands, can be vital in building a positive environment for athletic development. Communicating your core values in a way that doesn’t confuse people will positively impact the players.

04: How to Support an Elite Culture

Grant raises the idea of ‘smart hacks’ that will help you support and build the culture within your club and reach targets along your journey.

Grant Downie, a chartered physiotherapist, has worked in football and elite sport for more than 33 years, including spells at a number of professional clubs. He now runs his own business offering medical and performance solutions.

Grant has worked in clinical leadership roles for the FA, Glasgow Rangers, Middlesbrough and, most recently, at Manchester City, where he was head of performance services for the academy and women’s programme.

“When I go to organisations, I see the behaviours of players and staff all going in one direction toward a goal. And it’s unwritten.

“Much of a ‘culture’ is not rules or what is written on the walls. My definition of culture is about having a clear mission statement for the organisation that everyone understands and buys into and, most importantly, it is exhibited by their behaviour.

“Culture can take time and it can take years to develop. It is a continuous journey.”

In addition to this ‘Culture’ module, Grant will also be leading two more workshops on the MiMentor Platform, focusing on maverick characters within the game, and looking at injury prevention.

Grant will also be hosting ‘go live’ feature content within MiMentor, including webinars and live streaming events allowing users to engage directly with others on the platform and enable them to develop and learn from the best.

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