No doubt you have heard the words ‘Emotional Intelligence’ being used within a sports coaching context.

Ask yourself, and be honest, how clear are you on what these words mean and whose Emotional Intelligence we are referring to?

Is it yours as the coach? Your coaching staff and colleagues? Or the participants, players and athletes you coach?

This course brings together the experience and knowledge of three MiMentor experts; Grant Downie, former Manchester City head of performance services, Psychology Performance Mentor Philippa McGregor and Coach Development Mentor Sarah McQuade.

They will help you to understand what Emotional Intelligence, or EI, is and enhance your ability to identify, assess and manage the emotions of yourself, of others, and of groups.

Suitable for any coaches, keen to understand more about their ability to utilise EI skills to enhance the quality of their coaching environment and the performances of others.

The course will help you;

  • Explore the concept and competencies of Emotional Intelligence
  • Reflect on how effectively you model Emotional Intelligence

Four Course Lessons

Video Explainers

Course Workbook

CPD Certificate

01: Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

In this lesson our experts explore what Emotional Intelligence is and look closely at the Daniel Goleman (1988) Emotional Intelligence quadrant model.

02: Self-Awareness and Self-Management Competencies

In lesson two we delve deeper into the social competencies on the left hand side of the quadrant, understanding our own emotions and how to manage them.

03: Social Awareness and Relationship Management Competencies

In this lesson, we consider the right hand side of the EI quadrant, understanding the emotions of others and how we can have a positive impact on them and their development.

04: Course Summary and Reflection

We wrap up this course with a review of what coaches have learned and how it will have a positive impact on them going forward with their clubs and players.



Grant, a chartered physiotherapist, has worked in football and elite sport for more than 33 years.

He has worked in clinical leadership roles for the FA, Glasgow Rangers, Middlesbrough and, most recently, at Manchester City, where he was head of performance services for the academy and women’s programme.



Our Coach Development Mentor, Sarah has more than 20 years’ experience within sports coach education.

She has works as with multiple sports organisations in the UK supporting training and ongoing development of coaches and coach developers. Now based in USA, Sarah founded E.T.C coaching consultants.



Philippa has worked in high performance sport providing psychological support for more than ten years.

Beginning with Fulham, she then worked in the Manchester City academy developing the performance and player wellbeing support services. Philippa also worked with Wales Women’s Lacrosse team ahead of their World Cup in 2012.

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