MiMentor is the unique training platform for the sports sector, enabling individuals and organisations to access sports-related education programmes from expert practitioners and coaches.

Owned by the Mitre Group, and designed by their team of coaching, sports science and educational experts, the creators of the platform are already a leading training provider within the sports sector, working with top industry brands including Premier league clubs since 1992.

The MiMentor portal hosts exclusive pay-per-module programmes and subscriptions. Monthly licensee fees are also available to organisations promoting their own content. It also features free modules so anyone can sign up and give it a go.

Furthermore, unique webinar and live stream features mean users can not only access content, but also engage directly with the experts they are learning from.

The platform is already rapidly becoming the go-to-place for digital training in the sports sector and you can try it now for free right here.

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Our forum and webinars mean you can network with other coaches or practitioners and share content.


Check where your users are going and what they are watching with our intuitive analytics and reporting dashboard.


Our platform works seamlessly with your existing content on YouTube, Vimeo, Google Docs and more.

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The leading training platform for sport.

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