MiMentor is a unique training platform for both the sports and business sector, enabling clubs and organisations to offer their own in house digital education programmes to develop staff.

White-Label the platform now for your club or organisation and start nurturing and training your own staff within the business.

Join the world-leading organisations including the NHS who are working with Mitre to develop their own branded e-learning platform.  Upload and promote your own unique content to support your staff and players.


Custom Roles

MiMentor allows you to customise a learner’s journey. This means content can be locked off to certain users and shared within specific small groups privately or across the whole group. Admin and user features also mean you have total control over content and how it is used and managed. We use sport as the example but a whole club or organisation can use one platform to educate staff with users only seeing content relevant to them.

Live Streaming

MiMentor transforms relationships between the learner and trainer with exclusive access to your expert online video conferencing. The ‘Live’ and ‘Record’ functions offer users the opportunity to participate in live workshops, discussion forums or develop your networks. Alternatively, users can catch up with an online seminar, podcast or guest lecturer at a time convenient to them.


The detailed reporting and analytics functions enable the licensee to track individual or group progress from start to finish. Analyse purchases, filter demographics or identify which content is most popular to support your sales, marketing and development strategies and improve performance. See where in the world your staff are when they use the platform and track their progress on courses.


Integrated ‘Quiz’ functions provide an opportunity to test knowledge both before and after courses to evaluate progress. Individuals can download certificates upon completion to prove achievement. The accreditation builder allows licensees to create and edit workbooks, leave feedback or filter users according to their results.

– Features You Will Love –

We understand the importance of brand recognition. We can also tailor content according to your company’s objectives in a bespoke and interactive format.

The MiMentor portal can help you host exclusive pay-per-module programmes and subscriptions as well as FREE course content to develop your own talent and coaches within the business.

Unique webinar and live stream features mean users can not only access content, but also engage directly with your experts they are learning from.

The platform is already rapidly becoming the go-to-place for digital training in both the business and sports sector. Get in touch now by clicking below to find out more.

White Label for Your Club or Business

What does White Labelling mean?

Our whitelabel platform means that the system is produced by us for your needs, but then rebranded to make it appear as if it is made in house and totally bespoke to your organisation.


– Why Our Partners Love MiMentor –


World-class Education

The leading training platform for sport and business.

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