Arlington Soccer Club Unlocking Coaches Potential with Unique MiMentor Partnership

Arlington Soccer Club (ASC), based in Massachusetts, USA, is raising the bar for excellence on and off the pitch, unlocking its coaching workforce’s potential.

Recognising coaches’ pivotal role in developing young soccer talents, ASC has partnered with MiMentor, the industry leader in online coach education.

Established in 1977, ASC’s mission is to provide a fun and safe environment for children to play the game of soccer while promoting good sportsmanship and the skill development of all players. With more than 2,000 youth players, ASC believes that player development, participation, inclusion, and enthusiasm for soccer are more important than the outcome of any game.

As a club dedicated to creating a fun and skill-focused environment for children to thrive, ASC emphasises individual technical skills. To ensure their new coaches have the knowledge and skills to uphold the club’s values, ASC has joined MiMentor’s highly acclaimed online course, “The New Coach – Running Your Very First Team.”

The New Coach course is an induction-style onboarding program for recruits at ASC, created by MiMentor’s expert coaching team, who have extensive experience in player development and coaching teams. ASC has partnered with MiMentor to create an innovative and customised two-part delivery approach.

Using ASC’s bespoke, club-branded version of the MiMentor Coaching Platform, coaches will engage in online learning, accessing cutting-edge modules supporting the club’s philosophy. But the learning experience doesn’t end there. ASC’s Director of Coaching, Paige Forster, takes the reins in the second stage, bringing the coaching principles to life through on-field demonstrations and practice sessions.

Paige Forster, Director of Coaching at ASC


Paige’s experience as a professional football player for teams including Liverpool and Everton, combined with her extensive educational background shows through in her philosophy. Paige’s education background includes a Coaching for Performance in Football degree from Anglia Ruskin University, plus advanced coaching licenses from both the English Football Association and the US Soccer Federation.

This blended approach creates a comprehensive and immersive learning experience, enabling coaches to deeply understand effective coaching methods while aligning with ASC’s values. By providing consistency in the induction process, ASC strengthens its identity and promotes a unified focus on player development across all teams.

“ASC is thrilled to partner with MiMentor to further develop our club’s coaching skills and player development opportunities,” says Paige Forster, Director of Coaching at ASC. “ Our highly collaborative multi-stage approach will not only enhance our coaches’ training and resources, but it will also have a direct impact on strengthening our individual players and team development, creating growth potential and benefits for all levels of our club.”

James, Founder of MiMentor comments “Having previously worked with Paige, I was excited to team up with her again and support her role in delivering high-quality coaching content to ASC coaches. A blended learning approach will provide an excellent learning environment for both existing and new coaches joining for the fall season. Having Paige bring the online course to life with an in-person demonstration will be fantastic for those coaches starting their ASC coaching journey.”


The New Coach course


Take advantage of the opportunity to shape the future of your club by empowering your coaches. Explore The New Coach course here…

The New Coach – Running Your Very First Team


What’s Included In The New Coach Course:

  • U7s-U8s Technical Guide
  • Match Planner Template
  • Six-Week Session Plan
  • Growth Mindset Guide
  • Understanding The Principles of Play