Being a health practitioner from a distance

The physical restraints of the Covid-19 pandemic has added difficulty for health practitioners and players, and face to face contact with a member of your organisation is almost a distant memory.

Without having the power of your presence how can a nutritionist or strength and conditioning coach expect to get the best out of a player, and make sure the advice is being executed to the best of its ability, if being executed at all?

Well MiMentor guru and expert sports nutritionist Jennie Carter explains the importance of technology in a time of such restraint.

Jennie said: “Often when working with players, contact time can be really difficult because of their busy schedules, but technology like WhatsApp is a great way to communicate and I almost feel as if I’ve had more communication with players”

Jennie Carter has over ten years in the sports nutrition industry working on a one-to-one basis with players as well as group sessions with sports teams.

She currently oversees nutrition for Wolverhampton Wanderers and Nottinghamshire Cricket Club and is also a lecturer on the sport and exercise nutrition program at Birmingham City University.

Not only has Jennie found ways of keeping up that physical connection from practitioner to player, but she has also found ways of how Covid-19 can improve the practice itself.

Jennie said: “It’s key that you’re not just throwing nutritional stuff at them too, try and make it fun and set challenges, such as who can make the best meal and post it in the group chat”

“One positive is that people really realise how important their health is now. Hopefully the pandemic will make players take health and hygiene even more seriously going forward”

To find out more about how Jennie as well as all our Mentors are making the most out of quarantine, and what we can learn from this going forwards, check out the free full webinar.