Coach Review: Coaching your very first team with MiMentor

We invited a new football coach to try out our latest course on running your very first football team. Hayley completed our ‘New Coach Course’ and this is what she had to say…

Written by Coach Hayley

 As a prospective new coach, there are several factors to consider. Coaching children requires patience, empathy, and a willingness to learn and adapt. To develop these skills and understand the intricacies of coaching, I enrolled in The New Coach course offered by MiMentor. This course is aimed at individuals who are new to coaching or managing a team in the world of grassroots youth football.

The course was led by tutor Jamie Godbold, a coach educator with over ten years of experience working for the English Football Association. He guides new coaches through key areas of running and coaching a team, with a focus on the foundation phase for U7s and U8s age groups. 

The course covered essential topics, such as creating a coaching philosophy, player development, match day experience, and managing parents’ expectations. 

“A good coach can change a game. 

A great coach can change a life.”

 For me, the course highlighted that coaching is not just about the time on the pitch, but also the development of individual players. A key area of the course is the development of your personal coaching philosophy. The emphasis is on the importance of understanding the intention of taking on the coaching role and the philosophy you want to impart to the team. Developing this strong foundation as a coach provides players with a consistent and structured approach to training and development.

The course identifies some key pitfalls of coaching and how strong communication can help you avoid them. The course makes clear that working with parents must be a key priority for coaching children’s football. It’s crucial to involve them in the process, set expectations, and encourage their support in a positive way. 

After completing the course, and the very useful New Coach Course Workbook, you will no doubt have a better understanding of the role of a youth coach and how to grow in the job while supporting the development of your players. 

As MiMentor’s philosophy shows throughout the course, continuing to learn and develop is key to becoming the best coach you can be. As a new coach, I would want my players to continually learn and grow and I can now see that coaching provides endless opportunities for learning; during training, matches, conversations with peers, mentoring, or through courses and continuing professional development opportunities.

Are you interested in coaching grassroots youth football? Explore The New Coach course here…


What’s Included In The New Coach Course :

  • U7s-U8s Technical Guide
  • Match Planner Template
  • Six-Week Session Plan
  • Growth Mindset Guide
  • Understanding The Principles of Play

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