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Playing out from the back is a high-risk, yet high-reward strategy.

There’s a chance if your team loses the ball in the defensive third, and the opposition gain possession, they will be in a great position to score.

However, break through their press and your team’s chance of scoring also increases.

Here are some of the benefits of why teams play out from the back:

  • To score! Progress and Penetrate!
  • To encourage the opposition to press – the more opposition players that come to press in deep areas the fewer players there are in the areas you are likely to score from.
  • To maintain control of the ball
  • It ‘looks good’!
  • It supports Player Development (more touches on the ball, more actions, more thinking required around the Principles of play).

With the right technical ability within your team – players who can help you to encourage and develop a playing out from the back style – then the risks are reduced.

To help you, we have developed a series of FREE coaching session plans that you can adapt and use with your team to work on Playing Out From The Back.

These practices will allow you to develop the technical ability of your players and embed a solid understanding of how to play out from the back, and why it is such a useful tool to build possession and progress into the opposition’s territory.

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Playing Out From The Back Session Plans

Practices to support the development of your team adopting a playing out from the back philosophy

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These sessions are part of our Playing Out From The Back CPD course, with our coach development mentor Jamie Godbold.

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The course has been designed to give coaches further knowledge and expertise around Playing Out From The Back and covers:

  • An introduction to Playing Out From The Back from Coach Development Mentor Jamie Godbold
  • Technical requirements to encourage playing out from the back style and philosophy
  • A breakdown of how teams can tactically advance from deeper areas
  • Coaching session plans to develop playing out from the back for you to adapt and use
  • A case study on Brighton & Hove Albion FC and their playing style.

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