DPL launches learning platform with MiMentor

The Development Player League (DPL) announced the launch of DPL Mentor this week, an innovative and integrated coach education program built on the MiMentor Platform.

The online education platform is designed to enhance the development of both staff and players for the US-based league, which has grown significantly over the past three years.

MiMentor and the DPL

The DPL is firmly focused on continuing to improve the competitive standard for its members, and Coach education with MiMentor is their next evolution.

This comprehensive education program offers a blend of online and in-person learning opportunities.

With a wide range of over 70 courses already available and new additions every month, MiMentor’s collaboration with the DPL on their own white-label platform sets a new standard in youth soccer leagues.

Through MiMentor, coaches, leaders, staff, and players can access on-demand learning from exceptional educators and mentors, as well as connect with a global community of peers.

MiMentor and the DPL

All content provided is academically-driven and practically applicable. As part of their DPL registration, each staff member will receive free access to the portal.

MiMentor stands out from other coaching platforms as we believe effective coaching goes beyond the technical and tactical.

Our content provides coaches with comprehensive knowledge on crucial coaching and player development elements including coach mentoring, effective communication, mental health and well-being, leadership, technical and tactical skills, psychology, fitness and conditioning, sports nutrition, and much more.

MiMentor offers packages to provide clubs, leagues and associations with a fully-customised learning platform so your coaches and volunteers can develop together.

So, whether you have a handful of coaches developing players, or many teams with hundreds of players and volunteers, we have packages to suit, so you can support your club’s workforce and take them to the next level…

If you are interested in finding out more about how MiMentor can support the development of your coaches and workforce, please contact via the form below to book your demo.