MiMentor and Development Player League announce exciting partnership

MiMentor is delighted to announce that it has teamed up with the Development Player League (DPL) to launch a new and exciting partnership.

The partnership will see the two organisations work collaboratively to increase and enhance the opportunities for their member clubs to access first class digital education to continually raise standards, which create optimal environments for clubs and their members to thrive.

MiMentor will support the core values of the DPL by always striving to raise the bar of youth soccer by offering an intuitive education platform and online content to all its members across the league.

The partnership will allow clubs to choose the right digital solution for them, whether that is accessing exclusive subscriptions to the unrivalled coaching courses on MiMentor or sub-licensing the MiMentor platform to host their own content.

Mary-Frances Monroe, DPL Commissioner, said: “We are delighted to launch this partnership with MiMentor and are looking forward to providing our members with a world class digital education solution.

“Enabling the club to position its brand, culture and ethos at the forefront of the digital experience that they share with their audiences is paramount and a unique offer provided by the MiMentor team.

“We can’t wait to see our members utilising the platform to grow their club and engagement within their communities.”

Having recently unveiled a partnership with global brand Challenger Sports, this announcement further enhances the reputation of MiMentor as a world class digital education platform.

The MiMentor platform is like no other and was designed by sports and education experts to help clubs host world class, interactive content to help revolutionise how it engages, connects with, and educates its various stakeholders.

The platform is utilised to support internal education for coaches, players, staff, volunteers but also enables the club to provide its content externally, allowing the club to drive in additional revenue through the inbuilt e-commerce feature.

As well as providing the licensable platform, MiMentor also has access to some of the leading minds within sport to create engaging and informative content that can really support the holistic development of coaches.

Courses cover technical and tactical, sport science, sport psychology, management, leadership and wellbeing topics, helping to create rounded, versatile and well educated coaches.

James Baker, Director of Content and Partnerships at MiMentor commented: “We are all really excited about this partnership and the opportunity to support the DPL member clubs.

“We believe we can offer incredible value to clubs when it comes to supporting their coach education plans and provide a platform and content which will engage, inspire and ultimately drive success on and off the pitch.”