Enhancing the intensity of your team

Football is a game of high intensity and, in recent years, the focus on the high press, quick breaks and fast recovery, no matter the level, has significantly increased.

The very nature of the game from a physical perspective is one of ‘repeated high-intensity actions with brief periods of active recovery’, and often the teams who can do that more effectively will reap the rewards of their endeavours.

This is summed up by the following graphic, adapted from the work of Dutch football and fitness coach Raymond Verheijen.

High Intensity Recovery

In the graphic, the player icon represents the ‘high-intensity actions in the game’, while the tick icon represents the periods of active recovery between these high-intensity actions.

The desired situation (the top line on the graphic) is for our players to be able to maintain the level of intensity and the speed of recovery between those actions – sprinting, jumping, tackling, shooting, etc. – throughout the whole game.

However, a more realistic view would see the intensity of action decline through the game, while the period of recovery between each one would increase.

As coaches, we need to work towards the desired situation while also devoting time to improving the quality of the action, which in reality reduces as the game progresses.

Our FREE online coaching course ‘Maximising Intensity’ looks at this issue and how we can work with our players to improve them in this area, so they reach the desired position more frequently.

The course also covers positional trends, as different areas on the pitch require different focus on what the player needs to do in a game.

Maximising Intensity also looks at the physical requirements needed in the modern game, and how we can help our players develop their ability in the areas of strength, speed and stamina.

There’s also a focus on the adaptations coaches must consider when working with youth players, or female players.

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Maximising Intensity



The Maximising Intensity course originates from our full Conditioning For Football CPD course for coaches.

Covering six key areas of physical development, the course not only gives you examples of practices, drills and exercises you can do with your team, but – more importantly – it teaches you the knowledge to be able to develop your own sessions.

You’ll be able to create practices that work across the ‘conditioning spectrum’ from isolated training – working on specific exercises, to integrated training – working as a team on fitness and technical aspects of the game.

That’s not all, on course completion, your certificate is recognised by the Football Association as continued personal development and can be used towards your coaching badge renewal.

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