Enrolment open for Coach Mentor Diploma

MiMentor coach development mentor Sarah McQuade outlines the Coach Mentor Diploma.

Created in collaboration with United Soccer Coaches, the online Mentoring Soccer Coaches Diploma course returns for the next cohort of learners on 4th October 2022.

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Sarah explains: “This is a programme that is designed to utilise the online learning platform that MiMentor is sharing with us.

“The course will challenge learners to think about applying some of that learning in their own context and drawing them back to consider how effectively they’ve done it.

“What we’re doing is flipping this ‘virtual classroom’, so the learning comes first in the online courses, and then what we want to do is to help make sense of it.”

The online learning element comprises five more lessons: Coach Profiling, Professional Development Planning, Supported Practice in the Field, Monitoring & Evaluation and Developing your Mentoring Effectiveness.

The Diploma is split into three blocks covering all the important areas of mentoring and the mentoring cycle.

Block One, which starts on 4th October, is the Introduction to Mentoring Webinar and is led by Sarah and Linda Low (e.t.c. coaching consultants), along with Coach Mentor Ian Barker.

Then will follow the first online learning element across four lessons and assessment: What is Mentoring, The Mentor, Mentoring Relationships and The Mentoring Cycle.

Block Two begins with our Coach Profiling and Supported Practice in the Field Webinar. Sarah and Linda will facilitate this interactive webinar drawing out key learnings from block one. It will introduce the concept of Coach Profiling and Professional Development Planning and explore the process of how to provide supported practice for coaches in the field.

Mentoring Soccer Coaches Diploma

Learn to better support the development of fellow coaches



Block Three starts with the Reflection and Development Webinar as students consider learnings from across the course and explore their experiences of building and maintaining mentoring relationships.

Sarah adds: “The final block will really allow us to come back together and answer the question that everybody has at the end of every course, which is: ‘it’s been brilliant, but what do I do now?’.

“So we really look at how mentors can develop their own mentoring skills, but also how they can continue to develop the mentoring programmes and the mentoring relationships that they have.”

If you would like to be among the next cohort on this excellent Mentoring Soccer Coaches Diploma Course, in collaboration with United Soccer Coaches, sign up here or contact us to find out more, of follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news…