Feature Spotlight: Webinars on the MiMentor Platform

A webinar (‘web + seminar’ for anyone wondering) is one of the most efficient ways to digitally engage with a large audience to deliver educative material.

At MiMentor, we firmly believe in a blended learning approach, so being able to host webinars, as well as world class courses and content, on our platform is imperative – after all, everybody learns in different ways.

What can you use a webinar for:

  • Creating a ‘live’ learning situation for your users, prompting different ways of thinking and information retention.
  • Inviting feedback and questions on your courses and content and prompting (general or specific) discussions regarding topics of your choice.
  • Giving subject matter experts within your network/subject a platform to showcase and impart their knowledge to your users.
  • Gathering your community together to share best practice and ideas.
  • Pre-recording engaging video-based content to be released on the platform so users can digest in their own time.

If you’d like to learn more about how we’re using webinars on the MiMentor platform, visit our webinar series HERE