Maine Footy Partners with MiMentor

MiMentor is proud to announce its partnership with Maine Footy, based in Portland, Maine, USA.

The partnership will provide Maine Footy, members of United Women’s Soccer, with a fully customised learning platform and library of content from MiMentor to support their coaches and volunteers.

The content includes courses and resources focused on the technical and tactical side of soccer, as well as conditioning, sports psychology, culture, mental health and wellbeing, leadership and much more.

The Maine Footy team is led by elite players and proven coaches and is supported by an enthusiastic and engaged community of supporters.Maine Footy

Maine Footy is committed to building a championship-calibre team by providing stakeholders with educational opportunities, including MiMentor’s Coach Mentor Diploma and Partner Package. As part of the partnership, coaches, players, and parents will have access to content and resources to help the team grow as players, teammates, and leaders.

“Maine Footy puts as much stock into winning on the pitch as investing all our ticket proceeds into youth-focused enrichment programs such as leadership, mental health, nutrition, and mentorship,” said Justin Van Til, a Board Director of the Maine-based non-profit FEAT Network which operates Maine Footy.

“Our objective is both to build one of the best teams in the UWS and in parallel invest in partnerships like MiMentor as a force driving societal good, that by providing an incredible resource for the coaches, we can collectively raise the standards of excellence for our youth’s soccer experiences.”

The MiMentor platform will be made available at no cost to leadership, including the DOCs of all the soccer teams in the region; ranging from the premier to town-based programs to high school/middle school teams.

Maine Footy has further plans to embed additional content and videos into MiMentor to further customise the experience with the best practices coming from its other enrichment program partners.

“We are excited to work with the leadership at Maine Footy to empower their community with a portal that is easy to use and geared to both the professional coach and the new coaches who are impacting the experiences of the youth players day to day,” said James Baker, Director of MiMentor.

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