MiMentor 2022 In Review

It’s been a busy year for the team at MiMentor as we’ve launched lots of great new coaching courses and development content.

While all of our content is available on a buy-and-learn basis, our subscribers have access to all of our on-demand content that covers many vital areas of coach and player development.

MiMentor PlatformThat’s not just the technical and tactical, but our academic-led courses, resources, session plans and webinars focus on topics such as mental health and wellbeing, leadership, mentoring, nutrition, fitness and conditioning, psychology, communication.

And, with a MiMentor subscription, coaches at all levels of the game can access all this content at the touch of a button!

Meanwhile, we have also continued to grow our offering for organisations who want to support the development of their coaches and volunteers.

With a MiMentor Partner Package, clubs, leagues and associations all around the world are gaining access to our content via fully-customised learning platforms, so their coaches and volunteers can grow together.

So, whether you have a handful of coaches developing players, or many teams with hundreds of players and volunteers, we have packages to suit, so you can support your club’s workforce and take them to the next level…

Want to learn more about MiMentor? Scroll down to check out all our courses and resources launched in 2022, or click here to browse the platform.

You can access much of our content for free by registering for a members account here, or sign up for a FREE 7-Day subscription and access all of the below content and much, much more!

Happy New Year to the Coaching Family, and good luck in 2023..

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