MiMentor Announces Exciting New Partnership With XPS Network

MiMentor, the digital sports coaching and learning platform, is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with XPS Network.

XPS Network, is a complete software solution for clubs, organisations and sports academies. XPS network allows organisations to have all team information in one place, from training schedules and registrations to game filming, session designs, and individual player analyses.

Empowering communication, XPS Network helps coaches and athletes be more organised and effective, plus provides access to key data that drives decision-making.



The partnership will see XPS Network use MiMentor to help extend the depth of services and content they will be able to provide for their customers, offering a holistic solution for any organisation.

MiMentor is a digital learning platform that supports the development of coaches, players, and parents within a seamless and intuitive learning journey. The vast and ever-growing library of online courses and resources can sit alongside a club’s or association’s own digital content, providing a complete hub for learning.


XPS coaching data screens to partner with MiMentor education


For MiMentor, this marks another exciting partnership after teaming up with the Development Player League (DPL), 3Steps, Maine Footy, and Arlington Soccer Club in 2023.

XPS quote about new MiMentor partnership


James Baker, Co-founder & CEO of MiMentor, is delighted to team up with XPS Network and looks forward to working with the team going forward.

He said, “The partnership will see us initially collaborate together to support our existing networks and raise awareness of each other’s products with a longer-term goal of both technologies integrating and providing a seamless user journey creating a data-driven approach to education.”

“Furthermore, the partnership will also see us develop content together to support coach and player education which we are very excited about.”


XPS and MiMentor screens


All current XPS users will receive a special discount to a MiMentor subscription as we work harmoniously to develop the best possible coaches to guide tomorrow’s young players.

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