Benefit From A MiMentor Partner Package

Does your club or organisation want to help your players reach their full potential?

Do you want to support the development of your coaches to provide an even better experience for your players?

Through MiMentor’s vast library of coach CPD courses and content you can!

We are now offering packages to provide clubs, leagues and associations with a fully-customised learning platform so your coaches and volunteers can develop together.

So, whether you have a handful of coaches developing players, or a many teams with hundred of players and volunteers, we have packages to suit, so you can support your club’s workforce and take them to the next level…

What Does A MiMentor Partner Package Offer?

  • Consistent, customised learning experience for your volunteers and coaches
  • Content covering the four-corners, tactics, the environment and administration
  • Unlimited access to all MiMentor courses, with new content added regularly
  • Create, host and share your own content (video, pdf, audio etc.)
  • Connect your coaching community
  • Learn from coaches and experts from elite levels of football
  • Academic-led education, mixing the underpinning theory with practical application
What Does A MiMentor Partner Package Offer?

What Is MiMentor?

The MiMentor Platform is a specialist learning platform designed for clubs, leagues and associations to support the development of their internal and external players, coaches and wider members.

We work with some of the biggest clubs, leagues and football organisations around the world to support the development of their coaching staff.

As well as providing access to expert-led courses and education content, MiMentor enables your club to create, host and share its own content (video, pdf, audio etc.) across its workforce of coaches, staff and volunteers.

Analytics and insights will provide up to date engagement data so you can identify the progress of your coaches and staff.

MiMentor Platform is fully customisable for your club – enabling logos, imagery and colours to align with your branding and marketing, to create a seamless experience for your teams, coaches and players.

What's in the MiMentor Content Library?

Technical & Tactical
The Principles of Play, Playing Out From The Back, Decision-Making in Football, plus more...
Performance Psychology
Coaching The Emotional Development of Youth Players, Emotional Intelligence, Anxiety in Sport, plus more...
Culture & Environment
Creating an Identity, Building an Elite Culture for Athletic Development, The Art of Effective Communication, plus more...
Fitness & Conditioning
Fuelling For Performance, Maximising Intensity, Developing Stamina, Preparing for Pre-Season, plus more...
Mental Health & Wellbeing
Supporting the Mental Health of Your Players, Avoiding Coach Burnout, Mental Health Champion, plus more...
Webinars & Interviews
Access free webinars and interviews, including the Coaches Coffee Club chats with elite coaches and course-related webinars with our expert mentors.
Personal Development
As well as the MiMentor Platform, you can also gain access to our personal development content through our Succession online learning platform.

With a MiMentor Partner Package, you will benefit from an amazing discount to provide your coaches and volunteers with a cost-effective development experience.

Just complete the form, telling us how many coaches and volunteers you'd like to benefit from access to the MiMentor Platform, and we will come back to you to discuss your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you...