MiMentor links up with Keyframe Sports for tactical webinar series

MiMentor is excited to announce that new technology partner Keyframe Sports will sponsor our new tactical webinar series titled ‘Euro 2020 Principles of Play Analysis’.

Launched to coincide with the UEFA Euro 2020 Finals, the Euro 2020 Principles of Play webinars will use Keyframe Sports’ expertise and cutting-edge analysis telestration software to help MiMentor members learn more and develop their skills around technical and tactical match analysis.

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Like MiMentor, Keyframe Sports are dedicated to supporting soccer coaches at all levels of their game.

Keyframe Sports amazing technology software is disrupting the soccer analysis market and allowing coaches access to first-class technology at an affordable price to help them learn more about their players and teams.

As part of this exciting partnership, MiMentor will also utilise Keyframe Sports’ software to support their technical and tactical content moving forward, supporting our expert Mentors to deliver more world-class coach development courses within our online learning platform.

MiMentor members will also be able to benefit from a 10% discount off the already affordable prices of Keyframe Sports’ excellent analysis software, while Keyframe Sports users will get a similar discount off MiMentor subscriptions and courses.

James Baker, Head of Content and Partnerships at MiMentor, believes the added value that Keyframe Sports will enable us to offer within the platform will be great for our members.

“We’re delighted to be partnering up with Keyframe Sports as a technology partner and can’t wait to get started with our exciting webinar series, focusing on the principles of play around selected Euro 2020 matches,” he said.

“Due to the analytical nature of Keyframe Sports software, they are an ideal sponsorship partner for MiMentor.”

He added: “Like us, Keyframe Sports seeks to make coach education more engaging and accessible through technology, as such they are closely aligned to our values and I am sure that this partnership will be very beneficial to our subscribers.

“As an organisation we know and respect, we are excited to work closely with them to bring this series to our members.”

Gary Ditsch of Keyframe Sports says the relationship will benefit coaches and help them to learn more about their teams and players.

“A partnership between Keyframe Sports and MiMentor offers great value to our new and existing users.

“We are excited to be working together to continue our journey on helping coaches learn and teach their players or fellow coaches better, but at an affordable price.

“Through this agreement, coaches can translate learnings from MiMentor using Keyframe Sports to improve their player understanding with cutting edge video analysis.”

He added: “We believe that by combining our offerings, coaches can learn themselves and then educate their players in an even easier fashion.”

The webinars are for MiMentor subscribers. If you’d like to subscribe to gain access to this and all our other coach development content, click here

If you are looking for technical and tactical analysis software for your team, check out Keyframe Sports website to learn more about their cutting-edge technology.