MiMentor team up with partners United Soccer Coaches for new mentoring diploma

MiMentor team up with partners United Soccer Coaches to bring new ‘Mentoring Soccer Coaches Diploma’

MiMentor, the digital sports learning and coaching platform, are delighted to announce their all-new ‘Mentoring Soccer Coaches Diploma’, created collaboratively alongside their ongoing partners United Soccer Coaches.

The training program, which launches in May 2021, was created by MiMentor with Sarah McQuade and the team at United Soccer Coaches, the world’s largest soccer coaches’ organisation that serves members at every level of the game.

All of the 30,000+ United Soccer Coaches members will receive a 50 per cent discount on the course as a part of the ongoing partnership with MiMentor.

While soccer coaching commonly focuses on the development of the player, this course has been created to develop the coaches, enhancing their professional knowledge, interpersonal knowledge and intrapersonal knowledge.

Sarah McQuade, MiMentor’s Coach Development Mentor with over 20 years of experience working in education, sports and sports coach education, is excited to use her expertise in mentoring coaches and supporting the development of mentors.

Sarah said: “This course has been created for those people who are supporting the learning and development of coaches. It will help them explore the role of the mentor and introduce various skills, tools and resources to help them be effective.”

The delivery of the course is completely online and includes recorded and live webinars, as well as assessments, including moderation and discussion forums.

The course is split into three blocks with each being released upon the completion of the previous block:

1. An Introduction to Mentoring
2. Coach Profiling And Supported Practice in the Field
3. Reflection and Development

There will be a limited cohort, starting in May, with quarterly cohorts throughout the year. Each programme will last around 12 weeks. (download the full course schedule.)

Click here to sign up to the Mentoring Soccer Coaches diploma course.

United Soccer Coaches’ Director of Coaching Education Ian Barker is looking forward to the new course launching and sees it as a resource that will be highly beneficial for their members.

“One of the most powerful aspects of successful coach education and development is mentorship,” he said.

“An intentional relationship between two coaches in which one draws from the experiences and insights of the other is a great learning opportunity for both coaches.

“Our colleagues at MiMentor have developed a course that takes a deep-dive into the process of mentorship. The course is insightful, accessible and applicable and, along with the entire suite of MiMentor educational offerings, is excellent and something I highly recommend.”

James Baker, Director at MiMentor, is delighted to be collaborating further with United Soccer Coaches, having now been partnered with the US coaching organisation for over a year.

“We are thrilled to have worked with the United Soccer Coaches team and Sarah McQuade to get this course up and running,” he said.

“We know this course will prove hugely beneficial to their members and to the wider coaching workforce.”

If you are a coach looking to develop your skills to help other coaches, this diploma course is for you. Find out more and be one of the first cohort here (free MiMentor login required)