MiMentor to partner with US-based 3STEP Sports

MiMentor is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with 3STEP Sports, the largest youth sports club and event operator in the United States.

3STEP’s coaches, volunteers and parents will have full access to MiMentor’s digital learning platform, which will allow technical directors from each club to create, host and share their content with various stakeholders within their club.

MiMentor Platform

The platform comes pre-loaded with an extensive and holistic library of content that will allow 3STEP’s users to utilise all assets immediately.

3STEP’s soccer division is one of the company’s fastest growing units. Founded with Seacoast United, the company has recently added several clubs, including Liverpool FC Academy MA, Chicago Magic and Best FC Soccer Club.

“3STEP Soccer Division is happy to partner with MiMentor and provide access to the platform for all the soccer clubs within 3STEP,” said Paul Baber, 3STEP’s Head of Club Soccer.

“This will be a great tool to onboard new staff, continued education for current staff, and provide valuable information to our soccer families.”

He added: “The combination of being able to have a centralised platform for all our different club’s curriculum and coach information, combined with the great holistic content of the MiMentor library, provides great additional resources to our clubs and coaches.

“This is yet another service 3STEP provides for all its soccer clubs.”

Seacoast Players playing

MiMentor’s content includes courses and resources focused on the technical and tactical side of soccer, as well as conditioning, sports psychology, culture, mental health and wellbeing, leadership and much more.

Seacoast United has been the first club to use the digital platform to share content with their coaches and parents.

“We are excited to expand our work in the United States and link up with 3STEP Sports to help them achieve their goal of creating opportunities for athletes and their families,” said James Baker, Director of MiMentor.

“We enjoy excellent relationships in the United States and have been delighted by how the MiMentor Platform and our vast library of content have helped the development of coaches, leaders and mentors within sport, particularly soccer.”

MiMentor offers packages to provide clubs, leagues and associations with a fully-customised learning platform so your coaches and volunteers can develop together.

So, whether you have a handful of coaches developing players, or many teams with hundreds of players and volunteers, we have packages to suit, so you can support your club’s workforce and take them to the next level…

If you are interested in finding out more about how MiMentor can support the development of your coaches and workforce, please contact via the form to book your demo.