Psychology Performance Mentor Philippa McGregor joins MiMentor

Digital sports online learning and coaching platform MiMentor has announced their new Psychology Performance Mentor in Philippa McGregor.

Philippa has worked in high performance sport providing psychological support for over ten years, starting at English Championship side Fulham. At Fulham she helped build and develop the academies psychology support programme. Alongside this work she also worked with the Women’s Welsh Lacrosse team in 2012 ahead of the World Cup.

Following this experience, she joined Manchester City in the English Premier League, working in their academy building the performance and player wellbeing support services. She spent the last 18 months of her time with City working for Global Football supporting both Manchester City and Melbourne Football Club. She has now set up her own private consultancy service “Thrive2Perform” working with companies such as Mindflick, The FA and FFC.

Throughout Philippa’s career she has worked collaboratively with multidisciplinary staff, so she felt that the need for having a platform where she could learn more about other areas in sport was invaluable.

Philippa said: “Having a platform whereby expert education is provided and made accessible from any location would hugely benefit continued professional development, even for those that struggle to physically attend things due to work, travel or family commitments.

“I’m really excited first of all to share my knowledge with others on the MiMentor platform.

“The potential to be able to share what I’ve learnt, the knowledge I have gained and the passion I have around topics of performance psychology is exciting. Additionally, it excited me to be involved in a network of practitioners from whom I can also learn from.”.

Philippa will be working alongside Global Ambassador for MiMentor Shaun Wright-Philips, Bristol Rovers Manager Ben Garner  and elite physiotherapist Grant Downie OBE amongst others already representing the platform and providing world class content.

Philippa added: “It is great to be able to utilise each other’s expertise and together identify the most relevant and persistent topic areas that coaches, and other practitioners are using.

“Having an online resource to be able to access new information and content to give me ideas for my own delivery would have been massively welcomed a few years ago.

“The challenge used to always be how often I could link up with coaches, to learn from them and tap into their areas of expertise. MiMentor provides a platform to facilitate multidisciplinary learning and connections”.

Philippa is proud to bring her own module, “Coaching Emotional Development of a Youth Football Player” to the platform. This module will help develop the understanding and awareness of adolescent development and will hopefully offer those who engage with the course a better psychology knowledge. The course is coming very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

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