The Principles of Play: Session plans for work on defending and attacking

The Principles of Play have been around for many years, and for as long as the rules of football keep it as an ‘invasion game’, where one tries to score and the other team try to stop them from scoring, they will be around for many more years to come.

But what are they?

You will all have heard “Space”, “Movement” and “Press” – just some of the buzz words shouted from the sidelines at matches.

Let’s take ‘Movement’ as an example.

How often have coaches unpicked ‘movement’ to truly understand its meaning, to be able to relate it to each position on the pitch, while being able to communicate what this looks like to their players in a training session?

As a football coach, how well do you truly understand football’s Principles of Play?

Our Principles of Play course on the MiMentor Platform gives coaches a deeper understanding of both the attacking and defensive Principles.

Led by former UEFA A Licence coach and FA Tutor Jamie Godbold, the course defines each principle in isolation and use a variety of methods to bring each principle to life.

It is for coaches who want to develop their tactical knowledge and understanding of the game and to support in developing a playing identity and philosophy.

Jamie has also designed a number of session practices that coaches can use with their team and depending on the focus of the session and the outcomes required, these practices give guidance on how they can be adapted for working in possession (attacking principles) or out of possession (defending principles).

So click here to sign up and download the free PDF with these five Principles of Play sessions, or check out more about our Principles of Play course and how to enrol...