The right practice at the right time

One of the biggest challenges a new coach will face is a lack of coaching session ideas.

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The internet will certainly provide access to many practices that can be copied and delivered in training. Some will be successful and others less so, not necessarily because it’s the wrong practice, but it might not be the right time, or the players might not be ready for that particular session.

“Coaches should aspire to deliver the right practice, for the right players, at the right time”

One of the biggest differences between an experienced and inexperienced coach is the design of the practice with their own players in mind. An experienced coach will spend less time researching practices but instead design practices that will meet the needs of their own players.

So, to help, we have produced a set of downloadable templates that will give coaches some help to design sessions – simply take the template and drop the players in!

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This template is from our FREE coaching resource – A Short Guide To Practice Types, which is available on the MiMentor Platform.

It will help coaches to understand various practice types and how to utilise them in their own coaching environment.

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Coach Development Mentor Jamie Godbold shares details about the fundamentals of practice design.

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