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The MiMentor platform provides a holistic approach to coach education specifically for Coaches and Managers. We have collaborated with leaders in the industry to create the following courses which cover three areas of the FA Four Corner Model; Physical, Social and Psychological.

Coaches and staff can gain CPD towards our FA accredited coaching licences.

Due to our partnership with the United Soccer Coaches each member is entitled to 15% of the retail price. If you are part of United Soccer Coaches please get in touch for your code.

Conditioning For Football

Conditioning For Football

MiMentor experts Mark Armitage and Nick Harvey lead you through six modules in our course focus on football fitness, great for pre-season and during the campaign.

Coaches Toolbox: Principles of Play

Principles of Play

We take an in depth look at the Principles of Play from an attacking and defending perspective with our expert UEFA A Licence Coach and former FA tutor, Jamie Godbold.

Decision-Making In Football

Xavi Hernandez

Our MiMentor experts collaborate to teach you the underpinning science behind decision-making and help you understand how to develop players to make better decisions on the pitch.

Coaches Toolbox: Plan, Prepare and Review

Plan, Prepare, Review

UEFA Pro Licence Coach Ben Garner looks at the qualities of an organised and effective coach, sharing his philosophies and processes around planning, preparation and reviewing.

Building an Elite Culture

Building an elite culture for athletic development

Our Global Performance Mentor Grant Downie explores the importance of creating an elite environment to support the athletic development of your players.

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Three MiMentor experts collaborate to help coaches learn and understand Emotional Intelligence and how it can enhance the environment and player development.

Maximising Intensity FREE Course

Maximising Intensity

These two FREE taster lessons form part of the Structure and Philosophy module in the extensive Conditioning for Football course. You can sign up and try them out for free.

The Art of Effective Communication

Effective Communication

In this course, our Coach Development Mentor Sarah McQuade and Global Coaching Mentor Ben Garner look at different methods of communicating with football players.

Getting Better at Getting Better

Coaching Development expert Sarah McQuade explores the importance of reflective practice as a tool to improve our own coaching practice and enable better player experiences.

Creating an Identity FREE Course

In our FREE Creating An Identity course module, MiMentor Expert and UEFA Pro Licence holder Ben Garner helps you understand your key values and beliefs to develop as a football coach.

Coaching Emotional Development

Our Psychology Performance Mentor Philippa McGregor explores the adolescent years of players and provides some key considerations for coaches, staff & parents.

Fuelling For Performance

Fuelling For Performance

Sports Nutritionist Jennie Carter gives you an insight into the importance of nutrition for performance to help your team and players prepare for training and games.