The importance of executing the perfect training session to achieve the outcomes you envisaged for your team is paramount for most coaches.

This, however, is easier said than done. There are many factors that can prevent this. Last-minute dropouts, injuries, facilities, and even the weather, can provide challenging obstacles for a coach to overcome. But there is a way to ensure you do everything you can in your power to make your session go well.

By effectively planning you can account for all these possible challenges you may face in a session. Being prepared well will enable you to avoid or adapt to these situations to make you significantly more likely to achieve the desired outcomes of the session. While reflecting and reviewing your performance afterwards will help you grow and develop for future sessions and become a successful coach.

In this course, UEFA Pro Licence Coach Ben Garner looks at the fundamental skills and qualities of an organised and effective coach, sharing his philosophies and processes around planning, preparation and reviewing.

This course also gives you an exclusive discount on the Sports Session Planner website. They offer state of the art 3D session planning software which you can use to generate quick sport session plans with outstanding visuals.

Furthermore, some of our courses can be used towards your CPD and many coaches submit them towards their time spent.

Ben Garner will help you to work towards a full session plan that you can download and use to help you create a plan of your own that will suit your team and players, and give you the tools to reflect on how to improve or progress your session for next time.

This course will enable you to:

  • Plan sessions with your end goal in mind

  • Consider different practice and coaching styles appropriate to your players

  • Gather ideas to emulate, but not copy, others

  • Utilise tools to help formulate ideas and plans

  • Focus on small details and the organisation of sessions

  • Be prepared to adapt sessions if necessary

  • Build a session plan, based on solid foundations, from scratch

  • Reflect on your sessions before, during and after

Four Course Lessons Exclusively with Ben Garner

3 FREE Templates for Planning Training Sessions

UEFA Pro Downloadable Session

25% Discount on Sports Session Planner Software

01: Course Introduction – Video with Ben Garner

Ben introduces you to the course and talks about why planning is vital and how the course can help you as a course. Watch the video free now above.

02: Planning & Preparation (lesson)

Effective planning is absolutely essential for successful coaching. If you want to achieve more in sessions, in matches, and in your career, then spend more time and energy planning. Here, Ben explains why and how.

03: Organisation is Key (lesson)

Without doubt experience is vital when it comes to improving organisation. If you are just starting to coach then there will be mistakes, or certainly areas to improve. Here, we look at how to manage organisation in the right way.

04: The Importance of Reviewing (lesson)

A coach who plans and delivers 200 sessions, but never reviews what he or she has done, will not have made significant progress. On the other hand a coach who plans, delivers, and reviews 200 sessions will have made enormous progress. Here we look at how vital reviewing is for a coach.

05: Example Session Plan (lesson)

In this section Ben provides a session plan for you to use and free guidance and coaching points as well as considerations for youth players.

06: Course Summary

The course summary goes through everything we’ve learnt throughout the course and gives you some more tips to take forward with your new knowledge, so you can apply it to your own coaching.


Ben Garner is a highly respected UEFA Pro Licence Coach with a proven track record in developing elite young players.

During an eight-year spell at Crystal Palace Academy he coached players including Wilfried Zaha, Nathaniel Clyne and Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

Ben spent three years with the Eagles’ first team, working under managers Ian Holloway, Tony Pulis, Neil Warnock, and Alan Pardew.

He was reunited with Pulis at West Bromwich Albion. In 2019 was appointed as assistant head coach under Steve Coppell at Indian Super League club ATK before moving on to become manager at League One side Bristol Rovers.

Ben has collaborated with MiMentor on the ‘Coach’s Toolbox Series’, which will teach some of the fundamental skills required to be a successful football coach.

This Toolbox Series offers a number of helpful courses for football coaches. The Importance of Emotional Intelligence, Effective Planning, The Art of Effective Communication and the FREE Creating an Identity module are all part of the series.

“Creating an identity is so important for coaches,” says Garner. “Too often coaches can lose track of their own identity, copy others and lose a sense of who they are as a coach. Having your own strong beliefs and values about the game provides a platform for any future success.

“If you don’t know who you are as a coach, then where are you going to go?”

He adds: “It’s very important to have a clear identity and a clear style that is in line with your own personality and who you are. By having this you will be able to develop your assets as a coach and go on to develop your career within the game.”

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