How Do You Support The Wellbeing Of Your Team?

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We all experience ‘mental health’. It’s dynamic, it goes up and down for all of us depending on our circumstances.

Sport can also throw up its own mental health stressors that coaches, athletes and staff can be vulnerable to.

But what do you do to support your staff’s mental health and wellbeing?

Mental Health

Most of the time we can manage these ups and downs from our own coping abilities and without support from others around us.

However, at times we do require help. These relationships are key, especially for young people.

At MiMentor, we are committed to helping football clubs, coaches and players to develop, but that’s not just from a technical or tactical point of view.

With our team of expert mentors, our courses are aimed at supporting all areas of the game – many of which can often be overlooked, particularly when it comes to mental health and wellbeing.

We have a series of courses and free resources below that will help your club’s coaches, players and anyone involved in the game develop their understanding of mental health and wellbeing and to support those around them. Click on the links to learn more about each one.

As a club committed to your staff and their personal development, you can sign your workforce up for MiMentor subscriptions that will enable them to access all the courses below, as well as our full library of online coaching CPD.  

Alternatively, a MiMentor Partner Package provides clubs, leagues and associations with a fully-customised learning platform, packed full of tailored development content.

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Supporting the Mental Health of your players Supporting The Mental Health Of Your Players

This course has been co-designed by a multidisciplinary team consisting of specialist mental health practitioners, performance psychologists and football coaches working in grassroots and academy settings.

The team have used their experiences and observations to provide transferable skills to coaches, providing a coach with a ‘mental health toolkit’ to support their players.

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Avoiding Coach Burnout

The job of a football coach, whether full-time professional or a part-time volunteer, is recognised as a role that brings with it numerous demands, from administrative duties to the more technical aspects.

In this course, we look at how coaches can help themselves to prevent some of the issues that can affect them both mentally and physically, and avoid burnout.

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Resilience In Football Resilience In Football

In this course, we look at the topic of ‘resilience’ and some important areas that individuals, clubs and organisations can consider to support those they work with, and those that work for them, to help them enhance their resilience.

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Emotional Intelligence An Introduction To Emotional Intelligence

No doubt you have heard the words ‘Emotional Intelligence’ being used within the sports coaching context over and over again. In this course, we explore this vital area for coaches and players.

Ask yourself, and be honest, how clear are you on what these words mean and whose Emotional Intelligence we are referring to? Yours as the coach? Your coaching staff and colleagues? Or the participants, players and athletes you coach?

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Emotional Development of Youth Football Player Coaching the Emotional Development Of A Youth Football Player

This sports psychology course, developed by our expert mentor Dr Philippa McGregor, explores the adolescent years of players.

It will help coaches to develop a greater awareness and understanding of the developmental changes occurring during this period and provide some key considerations for coaches, support staff and parents.

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Self-Awareness Developing Self-Awareness In Your Players

In this free module, part of our Emotional Intelligence series, we delve into the area of self-awareness and how you as a coach can help your players to develop key skills on their own Emotional Intelligence journey.

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FREE Download DOWNLOAD: Mental Health Manual For Coaches

This free download provides coaches with the tools they need to build on the mental strength and emotional fitness of their players.

It has been written and developed by mental health practitioners and coaches and is based on recommended practice by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence.

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