United Soccer Coaches is the world’s largest soccer coaches’ organisation that serves members at every level of the game. MiMentor have joined forces with United Soccer Coaches to offer their more than 30,000 members exclusive access to the training platform with a 15% discount.

The partnership will see our two organisations work collaboratively to raise awareness of the recently launched MiMentor online training platform, that will offer individuals and teams an extensive range of education programmes from a host of professional sports practitioners and coaches.

United Soccer Coaches already offer face-to-face training courses for both beginning and experienced coaches and a wide range of award programs. They provide programs and services that enhance, encourage, and contribute to the development and recognition of soccer coaches, their players, and the game.

Working every day to inspire coaches, they will now use the MiMentor platform to help ignite their passion for the game so they pass it on to players and others in the soccer community via our portal.

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